Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Thoughts - 9/23/10

It's been awhile - sorry. A combination of nothing to say and laziness have kept my thoughts hostage. So where are we?

- The Braves. The GD Braves. Why do I continue to allow this team to blueball me year after year after year? I love Bobby Cox and I'll miss him, but dammit if this team doesn't lift my hopes and dreams only to destroy them with a swift backslap to the face. I'm done. Thank God for...

- The Tide. An absolute magnum force of a program right now, even with the current team's drawbacks. Just four years ago I wondered if we'd ever crawl out of the quicksand pit of mediocrity, and look at us now. Nick Saban is the embodiment of badassery. He has chunks of opposing coaches and dumbass beat reporters in his stool.

- New music is practically dead. I didn't put out a Top 10 list at the end of last year because I couldn't come up with 10 albums I even liked. That being said, Crowded House put out one of their finest works this summer, and I saw a "band" the other night (The Black Keys) that really cranked my tractor. I use quotation marks because it really only consists of two members. The guitar/drums duo trend has really become annoying, but the Keys impressed me with their chops and creativity (plus, the fact that I'm a bass player means that I get offended by any band who doesn't feel the need to have one themselves).

- I'm really sick of dudes wearing the Jason Mraz fedora hats. I really don't understand how anyone can look in the mirror and then walk out of the house wearing one of those things. Just completely dorky.

- Yogurt, yogurt everywhere. One day there's a creamery here and a TCBY there, and now all of a sudden there are Yogurt Labs, Yogurt Mountains and Yogurt Whatevers all over the damn place. When did we as a society become so obsessed with DIY yogurt?

Peace out for now.

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